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Our mission is to develop the next generation of science-based, patient-centered healthcare solutions to improve quality of life by bringing patients and their communities together. Our solutions enable healthcare professionals to implement cognitive stimulation activities, based on the use of elements such as music and reminiscence, using Musiquence Engine© - our proprietary technology, the result of years of research and winner of scientific and innovation awards , which implements gamified activities with assistance through audio and interaction.

Unique elements of the Musiquence Engine ©

The Musiquence

Musiquence is a platform designed for cognitive stimulation purposes, which allows the creation of gamified activities. In addition to cognitive stimulation, this platform can be used in a variety of contexts, such as, for example, health interventions (rehabilitative processes and motor and sensory stimulation), entertainment activities, auxiliary tools in the context of special education, among others. The versatility of its application is largely due to its high level of customization – technological and content – ​​as this platform is, on the one hand, compatible with different technologies; and, on the other, customizable in terms of content (e.g., images, sounds, instructions). Thus, Musiquence allows:

Furthermore, Musiquence is clinically validated, based on studies carried out with the population with dementia and the psychiatric population.

Which clinical population can enjoy the Musiquence?

At the moment, Musiquence has two validation studies with a clinical population. Namely, with neurodegenerative (dementia) and psychiatric populations. In both studies, the results were promising, with benefits from using the platform – using customized content and technologies – in several of the domains evaluated (e.g., cognitive, emotional, quality of life and functionality). However, the versatility and high level of customization of the Musiquence platform allow its use with any other clinical (e.g., neurodevelopmental disorders, neurological) and healthy (e.g., active aging) population, as long as the content is adapted to the needs identified. Thus, its use is clearly useful at different stages of development, being applicable from childhood to emerging adulthood, adulthood and elderly adults.

Choose your Musiquence Experience

Customers can purchase three types of packages:

By default, all Musiquence packages are compatible with Tablets (Windows) and PCs. If the customer wishes to use another type of technology, Musiquence can be used with a wide range of technologies that the customer can purchase and use:

If the customer wishes to take advantage of these technologies on an arbitrary basis, they may choose to purchase credits which, in turn, allow temporary access to them. The credits will have a variable cost, between €25 and €100.

The following schema summarizes the unique elements that Musiquence has:

Catalog Schema

The Musiquence Technologies' Subscription Model

The subscription model is based on monthly billing for the package. To protect our product from unauthorized sharing with third parties, licenses are carried out on a per-equipment basis - that is, all products are associated with the hardware on which the platform is installed.

Online Store

Soon, Musiquence Technologies will make the Musiquence Online Game Store (MOGS) available to its customers – an online store of various cognitive stimulation activities, where our future customers will be able to purchase and use these cognitive activities for different populations. The activities are part of our downloadable content products (DLC), the price of which will be around €35.

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